Allopathic medicine may be the idolized and accepted form of healing in pretty much every country in the world, but the fact that it is predominantly funded by pharmaceutical companies with monetary objectives should cause a few warning bells to go off. 

Did you know that even though doctors are trained for a minimum of eight years, they receive little tono nutritional training and are in effect most knowledgable only on how to recognize symptoms and prescribe drugs?  It is not their curriculum or agenda to help someone heal holistically – even if they are a good person. Their purpose is to diagnose symptoms, recommend a pharmaceutical drug, and cycle through patients as fast as possible in order to save the business they work for money. They are – in truth – part of a sick care industry, not a health care reform.


Furthermore, many doctors are giving into pushy pharmaceutical companies to prescribe drugs and profit in the short-term, while their patients get hooked on over-the-counter pills and do a number on their health long-term. This isn’t to say all physicians are bad, but there are a growing number of doctors ‘in bed’ with pharmaceutical industries, and it’s time you know if yours is one of them. 

The Open Payments Data website presented by the government reveals to the user the depth to which your doctor could be controlled by Big Pharma institutions. Using this service, you can find out once and for all which physicians are on the payroll of mega pharmaceutical companies,  and which ones are not not. From physicians to teaching hospitals, the company making payments can even be identified.

If you’re wondering just who is funding your physician, visit Open Payment Data.